Metals in Harmony: How to Select the Perfect Metal for Your Custom-made Ring

Metals in Harmony: How to Select the Perfect Metal for Your Custom-made Ring

Choosing the perfect metal for your custom-made engagement ring is like choosing the melody for a song - it sets the tone, enhances the overall mood, and complements the 'star' – in this case, the gemstone. 

This post will assist to guide you through how to choose the right metal for a custom ring, as you embark on the journey of creating a custom engagement ring in Melbourne.

  1. Understanding the Metals: An Overview
  • Gold: A classic choice that never goes out of style. Gold comes in a variety of hues, including yellow, rose, and white, each offering a unique aesthetic.
  • Yellow Gold: The most traditional form, it brings out the warmth and radiance of diamonds and coloured gemstones alike.
  • Rose Gold: With its romantic pinkish hue, rose gold has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Its warm undertones beautifully complement all skin tones.
  • White Gold: A contemporary favourite, white gold's silvery sheen offers a neutral backdrop for diamonds to truly sparkle.
  • Platinum: This white metal is both dense and durable. Its natural lustre doesn't fade easily, making it an ideal choice for those seeking longevity.
  • Palladium: A member of the platinum group, palladium is lighter and has a similar appearance to platinum but often comes at a lower price point.
  • Silver: While less commonly used for engagement rings, silver is an affordable choice and carries a soft, timeless charm.
  1. Aligning Metal with Lifestyle

Your engagement ring is not just a symbol of commitment but an extension of your personality and lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle or have a hands-on job, opting for durable metals like platinum can be a wise choice. Alternatively, the classic allure of gold, in its various shades, offers versatility for both daily wear and special occasions.

  1. Complementing the Gemstone

The metal you choose can enhance or even transform the appearance of the gemstone. For instance, white gold and platinum can make diamonds appear even more brilliant, while yellow gold can accentuate the warmth of coloured stones. Custom design engagement rings give you the liberty to mix and experiment until you find that harmonious match.

  1. Skin Tone Considerations

Metals can either complement or contrast with your skin tone:

  • Cool undertones: Platinum and white gold tend to flatter cooler skin tones.
  • Warm undertones: Yellow and rose gold are often favoured by those with warmer skin shades. However, the beauty of custom-made engagement rings is that there are no strict rules. Go with what feels right for you.
  1. Maintenance and Durability

Each metal has its unique properties and care requirements:

  • Gold: While gold is relatively resistant to rust and tarnish, higher carat gold can be softer and more prone to scratches.
  • Platinum: Though it can develop a patina over time, a simple polish can restore its original shine. Its durability makes it less likely to wear down.
  • Silver: Requires regular polishing to maintain its lustre as it can tarnish over time.
  1. Ethical Considerations

For the environmentally conscious, sourcing recycled metals or metals from conflict-free zones can be an essential factor. At Simon West Jewellery, we understand the significance of this choice and are committed to ethical practices in crafting custom engagement rings.

  1. Budgetary Factors

Your budget will inevitably play a role in your choice. Platinum typically sits at a higher price point due to its density and rarity, while gold's price can vary based on its purity (carats). Silver, being more abundant, often comes at a more accessible price range.


The journey to crafting custom-made engagement rings is filled with decisions, each contributing to a piece that tells a unique love story. Selecting the right metal is a crucial chapter in this tale. It’s about balance – between aesthetics, practicality, and sentiment.

For those looking to create a custom engagement ring in Melbourne, the Simon West Jewellery team is here to guide, advise, and ensure your ring is a harmonious blend of metal and gemstone, a testament to enduring love.

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