About Us

Simon West Fine Jewellery is your destination for the finest handmade engagement rings and wedding bands in Melbourne. Located on Collins Street in Melbourne's CBD, in the diamond district, we source, design and create unique jewellery, to celebrate life's precious milestones. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of personalized service for all our customers.
Why do we design and create handmade bespoke jewellery? Because quality matters, and our jewellery is not only unique, it is stronger and more durable - made to withstand busy lifestyles.
Who is Simon West?
Simon began his jewellery career as a Gold & Platinumsmith apprentice back in 1993 in his hometown of Cobram on the Murray River. With vision and ambition in his eyes, he decided to move to Melbourne in 1995 with the goal to learn as much as he could before branching out on his own. Simon opened the doors to Simon West Fine Jewellery in October 1999 where he knew he could add his personal touch and make special moments even more meaningful. With a great love of the Art Deco era, Simon creates contemporary jewellery, made by hand that celebrates the periods design sensibilities.
Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend.
Our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced from suppliers across the globe. From Mumbai to Antwerp and here at home in the Melbourne CBD, we source exceptional quality stones for each of our pieces. We maintain a strong focus on diamonds that are cut to perfection to produce the most dazzling jewellery.
We have a passion for design and quality, with 100% of our engagement rings being made by hand by our team of talented platinum and goldsmiths in our Melbourne CBD workshop. We pride ourselves in our traditional jewellery making skills, creating pieces that are hard, stronger and more durable to create modern heirlooms to be treasured for generations to come.
Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend.
What's the turnaround time to have an engagement ring custom made?
6-8 weeks generally, it does depend on the design. And a little quicker for wedding bands, allow 5-7 weeks for these.
Roughly what price do your engagement rings start?
Our handmade engagement rings start from $4,000. Always enquire for a quotation if you have a specific idea in mind.
What is the difference between 18ct white gold and platinum?
The platinum is a more durable metal, it weighs 1.4 times heavier than 18ct White Gold, as a more dense and malleable metal it is also a little softer than gold. Platinum will not require any rhodium plating, however the same maintenance is required for both metals. You must bring your ring in regardless of metal choice every 24 months otherwise your lifetime warranty on workmanship will lapse. 18ct White Gold is Palladium (part of the platinum family) based and is a very high quality product. An important point to note - One of our handmade products in 18ct White Gold is superior in strength and more durable than a platinum ring that is not handmade.
Do you offer any guarantee on your products?
Yes we sure do! We offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. The reason we offer this is because we pride ourselves on the high standard of workmanship. To maintain this warranty you must bring your ring or custom piece in every 24 months. Failing to do so, your warranty will lapse permanently. It is extremely important for us to monitor the wear and tear on your special piece.
Are your rings 100% handmade?
At Simon West, we take great pride in knowing each ring is 100% handmade to perfection. Less than 10% of rings in the industry are handmade. The big benefits of a handmade ring are, strength and lifelong durability of your ring.
Do you have Engagement rings on display for me to view and try on?
We certainly do! We have plenty of inspiration in our studio workshop to try on. We love creating designs especially for you as well.
If we have a design idea of our own, can you make it for us?
We sure can, we will sketch it up to scale to make sure everything is ok strength and proportion wise. We will also offer advice on any optional design changes.
I have no idea what i actually want, should i still make an appointment?
100% YES! The best way to figure out what you like is coming in and trying on designs and figuring out what you don't like first. It sounds backwards, however once we get a feel of what you definitely don't want, that's the first step in designing your perfect ring.
I want to propose with a ring, but I am not confident I can choose a ring my partner will love on my own!
There are many different options to help you with this. We can offer you a proposal ring, this is a classic solitaire style to present when proposing. This can be set with a diamond simulant, or if you want to choose the diamond yourself, we can set this for you and then design the ring using your chosen diamond after the proposal date.
I already have a diamond, will you still make the ring?
Generally yes, we will need to inspect the diamond or gemstone first before making this decision. Some diamonds or gemstones are not high enough quality for us to use. Please note we DO NOT set man made diamonds into our handmade rings.
What is the process and where do I start?
Please click through to read our step by step process of your custom made ring journey.